History and Establishments

The Muslim Prison Board (KwaZulu-Natal) was established more than 30 years ago in 1981. The Board was established out of concern and interest for our incarcerated Muslim brothers and sisters. Initially launched by concerned individuals and organizations under the name Muslim Board
for Prison Welfare and State Institutions Natal, it later became better known as the Muslim Prison Board (KZN).

The MPB (KZN) is a constituted body serving the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The Board is well respected and recognised by the highest authorities and has built a good working relationship in many areas. The Board also has the support and respect of prominent Ulama and Organisations in the province.

MPB (KZN) employs the services of authorised Spiritual Care Workers to promote Deen at the respective Correctional Centres on a voluntary basis.

Aims and Objectives

To render assistance and cater for the welfare of Muslim Offenders
Rehabilitation , Reintegration, Education, Spiritual Care and Social support.
To provide Welfare and Counselling to Families Monitor & Supervise Spiritual Care Workers (SCW)

Facilitate Constructive Programmes at all Correctional Centres.
Co-ordinate Dawah Programs



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